Vipul Vaibhaw - Systems Engineer

:wave: Name: Vipul Vaibhaw

:speech_balloon: Pronouns: He/Him

:hourglass_flowing_sand: How do you spend your time: Netflix, Read and Code, life has become very sedentary. Started working out this year.

:earth_africa: Where are you located: Pune, India

:nerd_face: What’s something Google won’t tell us about you: I am mostly self taught.

:books: Tell us about a book that you frequently like to gift or recommend: “The Burntout society” - Byung-Chul Han

:thinking: I am looking forward to CRiCKET because: I am a nobody, I am glad to have an opportunity to sit and discuss Ideas with respectable academicians.

:link: We can find you at (socials, github, website, substack etc.):, vaibhawvipul (Vipul Vaibhaw) · GitHub


Thanks for coming on board, Vipul! It’s awesome to have you in this cohort.

I will point out that Vipul is being overly modest in his introduction, as you will immediately realize if you follow the links he’s shared :slight_smile:

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There are no “nobodies” here, Vipul! Everyone we invited was brought in for a reason — they have something to offer. We will not have a split between “nobodies” and “somebodies”. Everyone earned their place and everyone is welcome.


Glad to feel welcomed! I was initially little timid :slight_smile: