Srimathi from SRMIST, Chennai

:wave: Name: Srimathi

:speech_balloon: Pronouns: She / Her

:hourglass_flowing_sand: How do you spend your time: Read old Tamil Novels, Motivation talk to Rural school students, Short walks in busy shopping street and enjoy the shopping spirit (as i am residing adjacent to Chennai’s famous shopping street)

:earth_africa: Where are you located: Chennai

:nerd_face: What’s something Google won’t tell us about you: Visualization and look solution in every situation

:books: Tell us about a book that you frequently like to gift or recommend: Tamil Novel : Ponniyin Selvam (one can realize all sorts of feeling: love, brave, fear, anger, inspire…)
I refrained from watching the movie adaptation of the book as I wished to preserve the integrity of my imagination and the unique perception I developed while reading it.

:thinking: I am looking forward to CRiCKET because: new learning, networking

:link: We can find you at (socials, github, website, substack etc.):


Good idea, movies made from books never feel the same.

Interestingly, the same movie can be excellent if you didn’t know the book existed.

Very different textures, and certainly going from book to movie is like going from (looks for analogy, sees name of workshop…) a test match to a T20, whatever that means. (-:


Indeed! I love Harry Potter movies (was too lazy to read such thick books) while my daughter feels cheated by them.


I’m probably the only person in the world who felt the Harry Potter novels were overrated. (-:


Well, hard to argue this about a book that sold more than half a billion copies!

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What is the Gandhi quote? “Even if you are a minority of one, the Truth is the Truth.”? (-:


Funnily enough, that blown up figure also makes it easier to argue that it’s overrated. :slight_smile:


We went to a HP film for a college reunion. We all revised the book before coming, worst thing to do… We were offering running commentary throughout the film (e.g, that wasn’t supposed to be a punch), much to the annoyance of everyone seated around us :smiley:

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It’s good to hear everyone’s voices.

Agree ! There’s a lot of good books and movies that aren’t popular.

The success of JK Rowling may be due to a number of factors (People’s mindset was captured during the period of global commercialization)