Quality Process of Online Education : Focus on different business models

:globe_with_meridians: Link: Learn the guidelines on Quality Process of Online Education. | Srimathi Krishnamoorthy posted on the topic | LinkedIn

:open_book: Summary: The Indian online Higher Education market is expected to grow exponentially. Focus on different models and opportunities with respect to online degree courses.

TLDR, but anyone who writes about online education without demonstrating that they have learned the lessons from the MOOC (non-)“revolution” should not be taken too seriously. I don’t know whether this article demonstrates that understanding or not.

Went through this briefly, it is a good compilation of the information, thanks for sharing @SRIMATHI_H! I would like to discuss this sometime and understand your first-hand experience of these, and in general online education - it is an area I am very interested in, especially in the context of undergraduate CS/IT education in India.

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Extending the learning process happened during covid, it is a feeling that mere posting of videos and lecture notes will promote learning. But there’s a lot more that needs to be resolved.

I’ve been putting myself through continuous learning of my own.

I’d like to discuss and understand other people’s experiences