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Perhaps should not be a text box if you are asking for it :slight_smile:


Watch out for this one (maybe leave it open ended?)

Education background

The question can be more specific; a text box is a good idea here.

What is your prior exposure to computing education research

There are only three options.

Should this be a 0-100 Likert scale?

  • No because my 60 is not your 60
  • Do you care about the difference between 60 and 61?

Suggestion: Use a 1-7 Likert scale. Give every number a label.

Odd or even?

  • Absence of neutral positions forces you to take a stand
  • If even then give people a chance to say I don't know.
  • For this question a 7-point scale makes sense

How well did you understand the content

  • I am confident to apply the research question
  • I can confidently apply logic models for an intervention
  • I can confidently create an effective survey

Great questions that might just get stolen :smiley:
Nice to distinguish content and engagement (see below).

Distinguish awareness/understanding/applicability.


  • I had enough time to engage with other participants
  • I had enough time to answer the questions
  • I had enough time to understand the problem

Pro tip: always number your questions so you can refer to them while analyzing the survey later.

How clear about the objectives before the workshop?


How did you think this workshop would help you?

  • Feels like a follow-up on a pre-workshop survey question.
  • Should this really be a required question?
  • Maybe push this to the end?

How helpful were Neeldhara’s communications?

Labels for the numbers please :slight_smile:

How helpful were the pre-readings?

What’s the motive for this question?

  • Feedback for the facilitator
  • It’s useful for the next edition
  • Too late for this workshop in general
  • The question and options are not related.
  • Are these the only options you want?

How would you rate Shriram as an instructor?

  • Labels :smiley:

How helpful were the activities

  • Richer labels?
  • Either people quit your survey or they do and you still don’t get enough intel
  • Everyone answers somewhat? What then? You’ve only eliminated extremes this way…

How helpful was the group-work format?
Did you feel rushed during the sessions?

  • Good questions to ask, especially if you are planning to do this again.
  • Second question is a bit leading.

Which of these sessions was particularly novel? Please be specific.

  • Should not be compulsory?
  • Format tip: Likert scale for each session
  • Novel is leading and subjective
  • Counter recency effects?

How do you plan to use these techniques in your work?

  • Aligns well with the objective of the workshop.
  • Probably haven’t had a chance to think of the question yet

What are your suggestions about the hospitality and local arrangements?

Separate this into two questions.

Is it ok to not have demographic questions?

  • More interested in background and experience than, say, age and gender.
  • You want demographics that help you interpret the other questions — if it doesn’t help, don’t pester people

What is the ideal survey length?

  • It depends…
  • Every extra question, one more person will probably drop off
  • Try and ask the smallest number of key questions that you really need


If you have this, put it at the end.

Age Group

It’s unambiguous

How satisfied are you with the workshop?

  • Bad: vague
  • Good: vague
  • It’s the hmm-vote for the workshop.
  • Labels on the numbers

What is your key takeaway from the workshop?

  • This is a nice open-ended question
  • Top two, top three takeaways — this brings out commonalities :slight_smile:

During the notice and wonder activity, what did someone else notice that you did not?

  • May or may not be useful
  • Why is it required?

How was your experience during the group sessions?

  • Could have done this as a scale
  • Follow this by a “feel free to comment on the previous question…”

How satisfied are you with the logistics?

  • An optional textbox would have been really useful here.

Any other feedback?

  • Useful catch-all.

Pagination v. Single page

  • A really long form should perhaps be split
  • If the form is so long that it needs to be broken down… probably already an issue
  • Useful for conditional logic situations or where you don’t want future questions to bias current answers