Local Logistics: Reaching IITGN, Getting Out of Campus

Those who want to coordinate with other participants for carpooling etc. coming in from the airport, please fill out this sheet with your details against your name:

I’ve added the data I have — picked up your names as you wanted them to appear on the badges :slight_smile: — and the accommodation information. You can also join this Whatsapp subgroup to facilitate coordination: this is totally optional, but helpful if you prefer to coordinate over Whatsapp, exchange numbers, etc.

In general, you can grab an Uber/Ola/auto from anywhere to come to campus. If you are arriving at odd hours, you may experience some grumpiness/cancelations, but regular hours typically work out fine. If, during your stay here, you want to get out of campus, then you have a couple of options: you can take the campus bus, or book a cab through Mr. Ishwar (+91 99798 77248), who runs a reliable cab service and is familiar with the IITGN campus and the city. You can also try Uber/Ola/auto, but it’s sometimes tough luck getting one. For your outbound travel, I’d suggest booking a cab in advance or being confident about how the bus service works.

I will be sending out separate emails about accommodation details. Mostly, the guest house and hostel rooms have been reserved, you just have to fill out a short form with approximate arrival and departure information, which I will share over email separately.

You can ask for the guest house or hostel at security, they will direct you. I used to be able to say “next to the gate” for the guest house, and “straight from the gate” for the hostel, but unfortunately said gate is temporarily closed, and you have to enter the campus through our brand new scenic route, which means the explanation for where anything is would be best left to security + Google Maps :smiley:

Participants at the hostel: please contact Mr. Pankaj A Bihola at mobile number (9904883975), who is the caretaker of Chimair and Duven Hostel, or to speak with a security guard stationed at the hostel’s entrance.

Participants staying at the guest house: Find the guest house and the staff at the reception will guide you further.

Please do keep an ID handy. Thanks!

For those coming in directly, the venue is Academic Block 1/201: the room is called a ‘Learning Theatre’. It’s close to the 2 degree cafe, which you can navigate to by asking for it. For those staying on campus: it’s a short walk from both the hostel and the guest house.


@neeldhara Can I directly contact Mr. Ishwar? I’m reaching tomorrow because I want to checkout the local places.

I am aware the hostel facility wouldn’t be available before the event so would it be ok to take his help for transport stuff?

Yep, he’d be happy to help. The hostel is in general available starting Friday evening, but do let me know if you would like me to check if a room can be made available earlier.

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I can manage for today, flights are running late. Let me know when they would be available tomorrow :smiling_face:.

Thanks for the help!

I think you can come in the morning, please call the caretaker (OP updated with details) to confirm once. Good luck and call me if you run into any hassles on campus!

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