Ensure Learner diversity in Online Assessement

My problem statement is the following.

Context: Universal Design Learning on Authentic Assessment of Online Education

The diverse aspects of global learners and their connections to the workplace, well-being, and society necessitated the universal design of authentic assessment. There is a need for a multifaceted global and local approach to designing authentic assessments with inclusivity in real-world scenarios, as it stimulates constructive alignment and a collaborative transactional process. This offers authentic opportunities for learners to apply relatable experiences and transform novel situations into competing products. The major challenge is preserving individuality while incorporating universal elements.

Question: How can we ensure better support for diverse learners while designing authentic assessments of online education?

Problems: The success of assessment design depends on the diversity of measurement parameters adapted in the course.

Parameters: * Learning space, including culture, gender, and physical ability

  • Showcasing different experiences, such as situational learning and real-world applications
  • Transformative solutions for the work of society and social belonging


  • What skills, abilities, or competencies does the assessment address?
  • List some barriers while designing and/or students have

Constraints: * Time consumption of fixing universal design for learning principles at the initial stage, accommodating a multifaceted approach in both local and global contexts as online education enrolls students worldwide.