Dress code for the event

I suspect at least someone here is wondering what the dress code for the event will be, but is maybe a bit reluctant to ask. Let me answer the unasked question.

You should dress in whatever you are most comfortable with for doing work. How formal you want to get is up to you. But you should not dress formally for the event; you should do so because that’s how you like to dress (and if it is, then by all means do so).

My standard outfit for work is a t-shirt and shorts (jeans when it gets cold enough). And most likely it won’t be “cold enough” in Gandhinagar in Feb. (-: So you can expect to see me in a t-shirt and shorts every day.

(I once had an Indian student watch my MOOC videos and say, “I almost did not take this course seriously because the professor was wearing shorts”. I felt very sorry for the student, but I didn’t change how I dress.)


To everyone else: Gandhinagar can get chilly relative to warm-weather standards, so if you are like me (pictured below), then pack a jacket/shawl/whatever. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I remember how everyone would get all bundled up in BLR when the temps went below 20°C.

Here, today, it briefly dipped below 20°F. (-:


I was super skeptical about whether shorts are okay. Thanks a lot for writing this out.


Well, if they’re not, then @neeldhara is going to have to run the event on her own. (-:


Just saw Neel’s link to the “dress code” in her email and went “nooo that can’t be” … and a moment later … “yeah I should’ve known” :smiley: