Bhumika from Gujarat University

:wave: Name: Bhumika Shah

:speech_balloon: Pronouns: She/Her

:hourglass_flowing_sand: How do you spend your time: Mostly I am with my students interacting or i am on screen working on some of the research ideas and if you mean some free time i prefer going on long walks or exercise with some music

:earth_africa: Where are you located: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

:nerd_face: What’s something Google won’t tell us about you: If i decide to achieve something , i am determined to finish it

:books: Tell us about a book that you frequently like to gift or recommend: Recently i read “Ikigai” so would gift that

:thinking: I am looking forward to CRiCKET because: I find computing education research very interesting and there are lot of research areas to be worked upon. I was looking for some good forum for the same and CRiCKET happened to me. I am also looking for some post-doc positions outside india in the same area.

:link: We can find you at (socials, github, website, substack etc.):


Looking forward to meeting you again @Bhumika after COMPUTE '22!


Oh that’s great news , I didn’t know you are coming , really looking forward :+1: