A Mathematician’s Lament

:globe_with_meridians: Link: A Mathematician’s Lament

:open_book: Summary: An article I’ve been meaning to read closely for the longest time, I feel like I have the right impetus with all the brainstorming coming up.

Not suggesting any math → CS transfer, though :grinning:

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When I read it last year, I only read the analogy with music and left it - it was so exciting that I didn’t want to get burdened by rest of the 20 pages! I vehemently agreed with what he said - I was seeing it unfolding in the life of my daughters, esp. the younger one who hates maths a bit more every year. I wrote my frustration out Math should be taught like grammar is taught, by not teaching it.
When I could read the paper yesterday, it was good to see Lockhart would have agreed!

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One of the writeups I read from time to time … and lament! It is nice to see Gowers break a bit of the circumstances that propagate the thing that Lockhart is lamenting about by showing the process - i.e. the mathematics that a mathematician does - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byjhpzEoXFs