[0302 Morning · Team 6] Teaching math through the historical development of ideas

Prompt. Teaching math through the historical development of ideas

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  • Purpose:
    Aiding middle school students in exploring the process of development of mathematical ideas—drawing from their historical context.

  • Theory:

    • History of mathematics provides accessible standpoints and simple models for understanding mathematical ideas.
  • Research Question:
    Can we draw upon the history of mathematics to identify research projects—applicable to middle school students—with minimal prerequisite theoretical machinery to understand mathematical problems and the solutions?

  • Method:
    Literature Analysis
    Defer to the textbooks (assume they are accessible, probably wrong): Bibliometric analysis of mathematical ideas with non-trivial historical development that were adapted in mathematical textbooks.

  • Sampling Strategy

Highlights from the in-person discussion:

  • Long sentence :grinning:
  • It’s overly specific (minimal pre-requisites, middle-school; too many refinements perhaps narrows the audience too much: OTOH the specificity is nice too!)
  • Can we draw upon… : is the question about the course designers or the students?
  • It might be a pre-requisite question (i.e, a sanity check) for the program itself.
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