[0302 Morning · Team 5] Cross-subject course about computational thinking through games

Prompt: Cross-subject course about computational thinking through games

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RQ1: What are the computational models and methods those validate cross-subject conceptual learnings?

RQ2: How computational thinking skills are re-inforced through these models?

RQ3: What impact do these methodologies have on cognitive, analytical and hands-on learning skills of middle-school learners?

Highlights from the in-person discussion:

  • The first question seems to be too broad, but note that there is a lot of implicit context

  • Reinforcement assumes that the already have a skill. You might want to test this assumption separately.

  • Methods have to be aligned with expected impacts, RQ3 is great but has a lot of moving parts.

  • RQ3 should perhaps be split into multiple RQs to make the connections between methods and expected outcomes more explicit.

Identification of such points of concurrence at each level in cross subject areas is necessary.
Level means Foindational, Preparatory, Secondary… etc…
The learning material can be developed around those points.

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