[0302 Morning · Team 3] AI for ages 11-14

Prompt: AI for ages 11-14

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Purpose: To evaluate our teacher training programme for “AI Curriculum for ages 11-14”


  1. Teacher training is necessary to get over their hesitancy.
  2. The variations listed in the Sampling Strategy below matter.

RQ: How effective is the Teacher Training Programme?


  1. Log teacher engagement on the Discourse platform
  2. Log how often teachers contribute new material to the Discourse platform
  3. Classroom observations including whether teachers respond to student questions around AI?
  4. Student feedback

Sampling strategies: Representative of variation of teachers across

  1. Urban vs Rural
  2. Gender
  3. Classroom strength
  4. STEM vs non-STEM
  5. Age/experience

Highlights from the in-person discussion:

  • It would be nice to have a slightly more refined RQ borrowing from the methods
  • Validating the theories seem to be RQs on their own right.